SIBA ranks among the „Innviertel”’s top three innovative companies

SIBA’s home region, the “Innviertel”, is traditionally a rural area where many small and medium sized enterprises are located, which are however often very innovative. A new award, the “Innviertler”, was now created in order to recognize the best of those SMEs, especially in view of regional investments, job security, and economic boost for the region, divided into three categories depending on the company’s size.

SIBA competed for the award by presenting its successful product innovations, the shuttles “AKF” L-Line and Q-Line, and the new electrical conveying track “ETB”, and was ranked among the top three of the intermediate category. We are also proud of the fact that two of the award winners work with SIBA technology: The agricultural cooperative pramoleum eGen employs our special-purpose machine for pumpkin seed treatment to produce its famous pumpkin seed oil, and Hargassner GmbH, innovative producer of heating technology, works with an elaborate system of conveyor techniques designed and engineered by SIBA.

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